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5 January 2017

Dear Parents/ Guardians,


Delightful greetings and a Happy New Year!

2016 was a fruitful year but the best had yet to come. At HCIS, we are starting the 2017 academic year with a bang! I am proud to announce our stellar performance in the 2016 IB examination, the remarkable achievement of perfect scores of 45 points! This extraordinary feat was achieved by not one but two of our students – Yeap Yee Sing (Singapore) and Lim Hui Yuan (Bruneian).

With the breakthrough of not one but two 45 perfect scores, HCIS looks forward to loftier challenges as it gathers momentum to be a leading IB World School.

Continuing our best ever performance in the IB examinations, HCIS IB results were exceptional, with 1 out of 3 students achieving at least 40 points, and 40% of the cohort achieving 38 or higher points. HCIS students also attained a high average of 37 points.  In addition, befitting the strong bilingual culture and the Chinese heritage of the school, 21 students achieved a particularly noteworthy IB Bilingual Diploma.

As in previous years, HCIS is particularly heartened by the outstanding attainment of students who have done well in the 2016 IB examinations despite considerably average PSLE or GCE ‘O’ Levels performance. This affirms HCIS’s core strength of value-add to student learning and performance and best exemplifies the educational philosophy of HCIS, of helping our students to strive towards realising their true potential.

Thank you once again for your great support. We hope to make that difference in your child’s/ward’s learning and education. With your continued support and understanding, we are a step closer to this common goal.


Koh Chin Nguang