663 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269783  Tel.: +65 6464 7077

Hwa Chong International School is well-equipped with essential teaching and learning facilities, and also sports facilities for enrichment and fitness training purposes. Apart from basic facilities such as classrooms, science laboratories, multi-purpose hall, lecture theatre and library, our sports facilities include basketball court, tennis court, running track, fitness corner and school canteen. Some of the above are shared amongst the Hwa Chong family of schools.

On 8th August 2015, Hwa Chong unveiled two new blocks to harness new innovative teaching facilities and foster collaborative learning between disciplines, which will be the hallmark of Hwa Chong family of schools’ commitment to excellence. Besides housing a state-of-the-art Hwa Chong Cultural Centre (HCCC) Theatre with built-in dolby 7.1 channel stunning sound system, the new block also has an Indoor Sports Hall which is the size of 8 badminton courts to accommodate a wide range of sports activities from elite athlete training to recreational use.

Track rigorous learning

  Basketball DSC 5692 small

 photo 1 HCCC Theatre