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We believe that learning takes place both within and outside the classroom. Our full-range of Co-Curricular Activities provides regular weekly activities that challenge and stimulate our students. Various events for students to showcase their creative, sports and organisational talents take place throughout the year.

Internationalism Week 

Internationalism 1 min Internationalism 2 min

To enhance students’ learning experience, the school organises meaningful trips across the island, and overseas. Students get to sign up for overseas trips and school exchange programmes to destinations around the world in the month of May.

As an international school, our niche is in overseas educational trips, school immersion programmes and exchange programmes with a strong focus on community service, outdoor adventure and cultural appreciation. Through experiential learning opportunities, students can not only construct new knowledge and make connections to the real world, but also develop a deeper sense of understanding, empathy and connection with other communities of the world.

After the mid-year examinations, students can visit countries like UK, Europe, USA and Australia for university attachments, school exchange programmes and other enrichment programmes. Some past examples include a Geography field study in New Zealand, a Science Programme at Cambridge University, a Stanford University Summer Programme and school exchange in Australia, Denmark, New Zealand and Italy.


Outdoor Education

Outdoor Edu 1 min Outdoor Edu 2 min

In our annual outdoor education activities, students participate in a series of outdoor activities including sport climbing, kayaking, camping, trekking and many others.

Signature Events, Festivals & Concerts 

Events 1 min Events 2 min

Most HCIS students delight in initiating, planning and hosting large-scale events and programmes.  The school recognizes that students’ experiences and success outside the classroom are integral to their education and holistic development. Through the shared experiences with their peers and teachers, students learn about team work and leadership and these invaluable opportunities foster relationships, trust and mutual respect. Through an array of signature events, students are given the opportunities to acquire self-awareness, develop potential and realize aspirations. 

HCIS celebrates its roots as a Chinese school and actively inculcate Asian values in students as its mission. Through the time in school, students are exposed to the various Chinese traditions and culture. For example, students are actively involved in organizing the celebrations of various key festivals such as the Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration.


Community Involvement ProgrammeISAACKIAT 1002 

CIP 1 min CIP 2 min

All Grade 11 students are tasked to work together to plan and organize an overseas trip within Southeast Asia.  Most trips involve service at a Global Concerns project but can also include an educational course or adventure expeditions: for example, community service in Cambodia and Chiang Mai.


Student-led Initiatives 

Student Led 1 min Student Led 2 min

Student-led initiatives include HCIS TEDx, International Friendship Day, Hwa Chong Model United Nations, HCIS Gives-Back Day, Business Bazaar and UBS Wealth Management Workshop offer opportunities for students to hone their leadership skills and explore their talents to perform as well as acquire valuable life skills. Internships at business and other external organizations further facilitate experiential learning, enabling better understanding of workplace demands and practices.


Workshops & Trainings

Workshop 1 min Workshop 2 min

Students are given the opportunity to pick up new skills through programmes exclusive planned for them- be it a sabbatical workshop, first-aid course, English camp, workshop on public speaking, speech and drama, among many others.