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Residence Programme: Residence Afternoon Programme
In HCIS Residence, Residence Afternoon Programme is an activity which acts as a platform to develop the sense of belonging between boarders while improving Teacher-Student relationship through cluster activities. They are held twice a week (3:30pm – 5:30pm) on scheduled days for each cluster.
Activities included:

  •          Biking at East Coast Park
  •          Sports Tournament in Activity Hall
  •          Billiards at Bugis+
  •          Karaoke Session in NEX Mall
  •          Cluster Decoration
  •          Arts and Crafts
  •          Movie Screening

Residence Programme: Values Education Program 2016
In HCIS Residence, Values Education Program (VEP) emphasizes on the character and values education due to the evolving profiles and backgrounds of boarders. The basic objective is to inculcate the positive and worthwhile values in boarders for the development of whole person through experiential learning. 

For each term, Values Education Program infuses and develops boarders in the HCIS Residence core values and corresponding hands-on activities.

  • Term 2: Responsibility

The value inculcated in this term is the value of responsibility.

In March, we have started a project named ‘Grow A Plant’. Boarders of same room share a pot plant and they are responsible to take care of it, such as providing sunlight, water and fertilizer and preventing pest problems. The goal is simple – to make sure the plant grows healthily.

In April, we extended the value of responsibility towards boarding community. On the residence meeting, some IB boarders made a short video and shared about how being responsible can enhance the living quality in residence.

In May, our focus is on responsibility towards environment. Boarders were encouraged to send the recyclables items to our collection point to cut on waste. Posters containing information about environmental conservation are also put up in the residence lift and on notice board to promote environmental awareness and eco-living.

  • Term 3: Consideration – The Soup Kitchen

In August, we have our activity outside the boarding. Together with 6 Teaching Assistants, 40 boarders went to serve the community and show care to the underprivileged through the ‘Soup Kitchen Program’ organized by Willing Hearts. We helped in preparation of ingredients, packing of lunch boxes, and cleaning.

Residence Programme: Academic Programme (Term 3, 2016)
In HCIS Residence, Academic Programme (AP) includes English Elementary Programme (EEP), English Foundation Programme (EFP), English Conversation Programme (ECP), Chinese Conversation Programme (CCP), Peer Tutoring Programme (PTP) and IGCSE Programme (IP). The main objective of these programmes is to better support the boarders in their learning in school and to help reinforce good learning habits. The table below summarized all the programmes.