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Precautionary Measures for Managing Spread of Novel Coronavirus

With Singapore moving up its response to the novel coronavirus situation to code orange under the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON), the Ministry of Education, Singapore is introducing further measures on top of stepped-up measures already in place since 5 Feb 2020 to ensure that our schools remain a safe and healthy learning environment for all students.

If the school receives information from students/parents/staff that a member of their household has been issued a Home Quarantine Order (HQO), the student/staff will be advised to stay at home till such time when the household member’s HQO is lifted. This does not constitute the Leave of Absence (LOA) and will be classified as an ‘Approved Absence’. To ensure that schools are safe environments for teaching and learning, the school will disinfect the spaces used by students (for example, classrooms) and staff (for example, workstations of staff concerned) prior to any of them being placed on HQO/LOA.

The school will continue to enhance the management of visitors and adoption of social distancing measures. Extra step has been taken to tweak the school timetable where possible during this period to minimise large crowds at the school premises. With immediate effect, to minimise exposure of students to the public and avoid mixing of students across schools, all external school activities (for example, learning journeys) and inter-school activities will be suspended until the end of the March school holidays. The national school games have also been suspended. Internal co-curricular activities and after-school programmes will continue but with appropriate measures taken to reduce the group size where possible. In light of the fluid situation worldwide, the school will defer all non-essential outbound overseas trips and hosting of inbound trips from Mainland China between now and March.

Please ensure your child/ward continues to bring an oral digital thermometer to school. The school will continue to conduct the visual screening and temperature taking at the start of the day. With effect from 10 Feb 2020, the school is required to conduct a second temperature-taking for students/staff later in the day. Students/staff who are at or above the trigger temperature (38°C) or are exhibiting flu-like symptoms will need to seek immediate medical attention and should remain at home till recovery.

Daily Temperature Taking of Students

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Enhancement of Visitor Management

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Stepping Up on Cleaning of School Premises

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