663 Bukit Timah Road,
Singapore 269783
Tel.: +65 6464 7077
Email: admin@hcis.edu.sg

All applicants are required to complete the following before admission to Hwa Chong International School:

1) Admission to Year 1 to Year 3 – English & Mathematics Test
Admission to Year 4, Pre-IB and IB1 – English, Mathematics & Physics Test

Refer to the Test Dates and Scope 2018.

2) A one-to-one interview between a teacher and applicant
Interview will be conducted in English, and will last approximately 15 minutes

Interviews and admission tests are held on the first Thursday of every month. If the first Thursday falls on a public holiday in Singapore, it will be conducted on the following Thursday.

Results will be released seven working days after the admission test date. Applicants will be notified the status of his/her application via email.