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Email: admin@hcis.edu.sg

HCIS Student Internship Programme: List of Partner Organisations*

Ban Leong Technologies Limited (http://banleong.com/sg/)
Business China (http://www.businesschina.org.sg/en.php)
Deskera (http://www.deskera.com/)
Frank Tan Research/Interlexis (http://www.translate.com.sg/)
Garena Pte Ltd (http://www.garena.sg)
IH Digital (http://www.ihdigital.com/)
National Kidney Foundation (NKF) (http://www.nkfs.org/)
Practo Technologies (https://www.practo.com/company/about)
ServiceDott Pte Ltd (http://www.servicedott.com/)
Straits Law Practice LLP (http://www.straitslaw.com.sg/)
*as of 2016

Organisations that are interested in partnering us in this programme can write in to the school at admin@hcis.edu.sg.