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HCIS Student Internship Programme: Programme Options

Students can choose from one of the following programme options.

(1) Assigned internship placement
Students will submit a resume and undergo a short informal interview prior to the internship to ascertain their areas of strengths, interests and experience.
Students are then assigned to one of our partner organisations based on their attributes and preferences, where possible.
For a list of our partner organisations, please click here.

(2) Self-placement internship
Students can choose to source for their own internship placements.
Under this option, the student must ensure that their chosen organisation is willing to accept him/her as an intern for the entire internship period without remuneration. The student must then provide the school with the relevant details of the organisation at least 5 months before the start of the internship (i.e. August).

The school will then contact the organisation to verify the job scope and confirm the internship.
Students who choose this option will still need to submit a resume and undergo a short informal interview prior to the internship.

(3) Customised externship programme
As of 2016, students are also given the option to participate in a customised student externship programme.
Under this option, students pay to take part in a 3-week enrichment programme planned by the Keys Academy, an external organisation that provides enrichment and academic guidance programmes for different levels of students.
The externship programme covers a host of enriching and meaningful activities. Besides undergoing a 3-hour college admissions workshop and a diagnostic test for either the ACT (American College Test) or the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), which are standardised tests used for admission to American colleges, students will also be undertaking innovation challenges through partnerships with leading corporations, engaging in real-world and real-time problem-solving projects, making final presentations to corporate executives and acquiring skills for Extended Essays and Internal Assessments. The programme also allows students to develop skills such as entrepreneurship, leadership, communication and technology.

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