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Hwa Chong International Model United Nations (HMUN)

HMUN 2017: The annual HCIS Model United Nations Conference
This event will be held at Hwa Chong International School
9 March - 11 March

Hwa Chong International Model United Nations (HMUN) is an inter-school Model United Nations Conference for upper secondary school students aged  15-17 from local schools and international schools in Singapore. Spearheaded by a group of International Baccalaureate (IB) students, this event is  hosted and sponsored by Hwa Chong International School. With the aim of exposing more students attending local schools to current affairs and  international politics, we hope to make this an annual event for all.

What is MUN?
An extra-curricular activity in many schools and universities, Model United Nations (MUN) is an authentic simulation of the U.N. General Assembly and other multilateral bodies. In MUN, each student assumes the role of a delegate representing a country or organization (e.g. USA, Spain, North Korea, ASEAN, etc.). The student will be placed in a specific committee, such as the Security Council or World Health organisation, and debate about agendas or issues concerning the world. The aims of a MUN conference are to encourage debate and sharing of views between students from different schools and of different ethnicities. This would allow students an insight into complexities of international relations and realpolitik. This MUN is a chance for you, the student, to gain hands-on experience about what the real UN does on a day-to-day basis. The more involved you get with the country you’re representing, and the more passionate you get about learning how your representative country’s diplomats would act, the more fun you’ll find yourself having and the more you will actually gain from the experience.

So, Get involved - Get passionate!