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Model United Nations (MUN) is a conference held by a growing number of educational institutions that simulates assemblies of the United Nations (UN) itself. Participants build confidence, as well as stronger public speaking, listening, negotiating, writing, and research skills. This is done while learning about diplomacy, international politics, the complexities and depth of current global issues, and the role of the UN in the world.
Since HMUN is an extracurricular MUN, participants develop these skills independently, completing their research and writing their speeches with minimal aid from instructors, which distinguishes MUN from regular debate competitions and develops independent learning skills.

Important Dates
18 February 2017: Pre-Conference Briefing
​1 March 2017: Position Papers due*​
9 - 11 March 2017: HMUN Event
​11 March 2017: Social Night

Conference Schedule

Pre-Conference Briefing
February 18, 2017

Briefings can be a bore, but when it comes to HMUN briefings... well it's no exception. But, it's needed so... buckle up and take notes of everything. 

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Day 1
March 09, 2017

A busy day calls for a busy schedule. Today is the Opening Ceremony for HMUN and do remember to register! Do refer to the schedule below to know the allocated times.

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Day 2
March 10, 2017

Council Session continues! Start wrapping up your 1st topic resolution and get working on your 2nd topic resolution!

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Day 3
March 11, 2017

It's been fun, but sadly it's the final day. Better get ready to shine and exert confidence. Good luck! 

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Download: Delegate Handbook

Useful Links
Here are some links that can help you prepare for HMUN!
CIA World Factbook: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/
International Model United Nations: http://imunc.org/for-delegates/tips/
THIMUN Foundation: http://www.thimun.org/educational
Model United Nations Organisation: http://www.model-unitednations.org/preps.html
Model United Nations HQ: http://www.un.org/cyberschoolbus/modelun/prep.html

Study Guides