663 Bukit Timah Road,
Singapore 269783
电话: +65 6464 7077
For Admission matters, email admissions@hcis.edu.sg
For other matters, email info@hcis.edu.sg

Senior School

Lam Lai Sheon
Ms Lam Lai Sheon
Head of English
Ms Mary Chai
Head of Chinese
Chiang Ky
Mr Chiang Ky
Head of Humanities
Ms Koh Li Keng
Head of Science
Mrs Jasmine Chong
Head of Mathematics
Mark WeePhysics
Mr Mark Wee
Subject Head of Physics
Angelin Wong Physics
Ms Angelin Wong
Head of Senior School
Ms Jayashree Sitaraman
Assistant Head of Senior School
Er Yu Seng
Mr Er Yu Seng
Assistant Head of Senior School
Kenneth Low Eng
Mr Kenneth Low
Coordinator (TOK)
Archana Vijaykumar
Dr Archana Vijaykumar Kusurkar
Coordinator (EE)

Middle School

Joanne TanEL
Ms Joanne Tan
Head of English
Huang JianCL
Mr Huang Jian
Head of Chinese & Assistant Head of Boarding
Michelle Foong Geo
Ms Michelle Foong
Head of Humanities
Wang Jiunn 2018 final
Mr Wang Jiunn
Head of Science
Mrs Michelle Koh
Dean of Academic Counselling & Head of Mathematics
Chin Yeow Chong 2 1
Mr Chin Yeow Chong
Head of Middle School
Alison Hack KyeoEng
Ms Alison Hack
Assistant Head of Middle School
Ms Chithira d/o Ramasamy
Assistant Head of Middle School

Student Development

Chong Choon LeeHum
Ms Chong Choon Lee
Head of Character Development
Yong Jin KiatPE Head
Mr Yong Jin Kiat
Head of Creativity, Activity, Service
Sharon YeePE
Ms Sharon Yee
Head of Student Leadership
Mr Ten Leu Jaw
School & Boarding Counsellor
Richard EricPE
Mr Richard John
Assistant Head of Character Development
Ms Pusparanee Mohan
Assistant Head of Academic Counselling
Mr Chong Koh You
Coordinator (Service Learning)