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日期: 2019年9月5日,星期四

时间: 上午9点到10点半
主题:赞美太阳、赞美星星 - - 白天的园丁、黑夜的向导 "Ode to the Sun and Stars - Gardener by Day and Guide by Night"

Teachers’ Day is an annual event that is organised every year. Together with the student leaders of HCIS, the 15th Student Council organizes the celebration to express the students' gratitude to the teachers and staff, who have tirelessly helped the students through thick and thin. The theme this year is "Ode to the Sun and Stars - Gardener by Day and Guide by Night". The “Big Dipper” is the constellation of bright stars that serve as guiding light in the darkest time of the night, complementing the Sun that nurtures in the day. 

Likewise, “Gardeners” work in the day when they nurture and wait patiently for the plants in their garden to grow, watering, fertilising and pruning when necessary. Therefore, the “Sun and Stars” refers to the teachers and staff, who nurture and guide the students of HCIS, to help the students grow not just academically, but in character as well.