HCIS 2024 IB1 Admission Information Session

Eager to explore more about our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)? Registration for our HCIS 2024 IB1 Admission Information Session is now open! There will be two online sessions which will be held via Zoom. Register here now!

Promoting Wellness in HCIS Residence

HCIS Residence identified stress among boarders. They implemented wellness programs, and emphasized mentorship to address academic and living challenges, providing counseling services and encouraging boarders to seek assistance for various concerns.

Unleashing English Prowess in the Residence

HCIS Residence organized English Enrichment Program to boost boarders’ confidence in using English by providing engaging activities and lessons in reading, speaking, and writing.

《与风筝约“绘”文化讲座》A DATE WITH KITES

Do you know what are the Chinese customs associated with kite flying? Come and join our sharing session, where you can express your artistic talent in drawing your own kite and win beautiful kites as prizes! 放风筝的风俗你了解多少呢?来参加我们的风筝之约,聆听风筝的故事,同时手绘风筝,赢取精美的奖品!

Fostering Excellence in Leadership through Unity and Vision

The Leadership Training of the 13th Boarding Council is shaping skilled leaders, promoting unity and refining leadership.