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Principal’s Welcome

It is my honour to welcome you to Hwa Chong International School (HCIS), a local international school that offers a unique blend of learning embracing both an appreciation of Asian values and a contemporary global outlook since its inception in 2005 as the youngest member of the Hwa Chong family of schools.

As the Principal of HCIS, it is my privilege to helm the school to continue leveraging on the core strengths established through the collective endeavours of past and present Board Directors, Principals, staff and parents. Academically, I hold the qualifications of the Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours from the National University of Singapore on a government scholarship and the Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy from the Monash University, Australia. Professionally, I attained the Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Distinction and emerged from the Leaders in Education Programme for school leaders from the National Institute of Education, Singapore. The learning from my professional teaching and school leadership experiences in Ministry of Education schools, as well as strategic manpower planning and school appraisal stints at Ministry of Education Headquarters, has served me well in contributing to HCIS since joining the school in 2012.

At HCIS, every student is regarded as a unique learner and is given the space, guidance and support to discover personal potential for realising aspirations. Our desired outcomes of HCIS learners underscore the importance of the school values encapsulating the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile attributes: Independent in Learning as a Balanced, Reflective, Knowledgeable Thinker; Innovative in Value-Adding as an Open-Minded, Inquiring Risk-Taker; and International-Minded in Connecting as a Principled, Caring Communicator.

The HCIS six-year integrated curriculum is aligned with the school’s educational philosophy of Education for All, According to Each in which teaching for conceptual understanding in local and global contexts is coupled with the emphasis on inquiry-based learning with capability building and experiential connection with character development. For student learning, the first four years of the Integrated Programme progressing from foundation to pre-IB learning lead to the final two years of the IB Diploma Programme with learning rigorously anchored in intellectual engagement for university readiness. For student development, the initial three years of the Middle Years Experiential Programme take the students on a journey of personal discovery before maturing to the subsequent three years of the Senior Years Ascent Programme with opportunities for students to play an active role in shaping their future. HCIS has set a track record of producing IB graduates moving on to pursue tertiary education at prestigious universities around the world. Such an attainment bears testimony to our core strength of value-add to HCIS learners’ academic performance and best exemplifies the dedication of the academic staff in helping the learners realise their maximum potential.

A key legacy of an exceptional school experience lies in the characteristics that students possess, that enable them to thrive as the learners of tomorrow in a changing world, which is the purposeful educational mission set up by HCIS. I would like to invite you to experience the vitality of our school to find out more about our curriculum, our facilities and the treats of discovery enjoyed by our learners to see what distinguishes our institution from other international schools. Do feel free to arrange a visit to our campus for a better understanding of what HCIS offers!

As we embrace the fifteenth year of excellence in championing value-add education at HCIS in 2020, I will continue learning, leading and serving HCIS with conviction and courage to work towards greater success in close collaboration with our staff and school stakeholders. With the concerted efforts invigorated by the Hwa Chong spirit, we look forward to nurturing generations of learned, innovative and international-minded Hwa Chong graduates!

John Ong

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