2020 IB Results

HCIS Sets New Record: Celebrates Unprecedented IB Quality Results Despite All Odds During the Covid Pandemic

The announcement of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) results for 2020 IB examinations was greeted with much jubilation and relief in Hwa Chong International School, marking yet another year of commendable academic achievements for the IB graduating class of 144 DP students, the second largest cohort size in the history of HCIS.
While the pandemic might have caused some inconvenience and disruptions in school, HCIS maintains its drive to deliver quality outcomes in student learning and sustain its commendable performance in the IB examinations from past years. The DP pass rate was a high of 99.3%, making this a remarkable feat given the considerably large cohort size.
Most exciting for the HCIS community was the stellar achievement of 38% of the 2020 graduating class scoring at least 40 points, a breakthrough setting new historic record as the school also celebrates the attainment of the top IB scores of 44 points by 6 students and in fact, two of them had studied 4 subjects at Higher Level.
It is with great pride that HCIS delivered its outstanding performance with 55% of the students achieving at least 38 points, the highest percentage over the cohorts, which strongly positions these achievers to qualify for admissions into top-tiered universities worldwide.
On the broader front, HCIS continues to maintain its average IB score at 37 points, a record held since 2015, demonstrating the commitment of the 2020 IB graduating class despite the challenges presented during the pandemic. In addition, befitting the strong bilingual emphasis and Chinese roots of the school heritage, 36% notably achieved the IB Bilingual Diploma.
These results are a true testimony of the hard work and determination of the students.
As in other years, it is particularly heartening for HCIS to have witnessed the growth and development of each of these students as they made continuous progress in their academic performance irrespective of their ability or starting point. The success stories and continual remarkable achievements proudly reflect HCIS core strength of value-add to student learning and best exemplify the school’s educational philosophy of helping our students to realise their true potential.
With the impressive results, HCIS looks forward to higher goals as it gathers momentum to be a leading IB World School as espoused in the school vision.