Nathaniel Lam(Nursalim), Class of 2014, Singapore

I graduated from HCIS in 2014 and will be graduating from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a minor in Real Estate Development soon. I have come a long way in my academic journey and it all started at HCIS. I joined the school as a young 13-year-old looking to be part of a community of international students that would one day provide me with a network of friends all across the world. I joined the football team and made some of the best friends in my life, who come from many different countries. The international exposure at HCIS really helped me transition into university life abroad; it became easier for me to connect with people from different cultures here in America.

In addition to the friends I made, I also met some of the best teachers in HCIS. HCIS gave me the necessary foundation to easily transition into tertiary education. I had the best Math teacher and she inspired me to love the subject. Today, my mathematics graphic display calculator (GDC) is still my best friend, and I am working with econometrics models. It all started at HCIS. If I had the choice to go back in time, I would do it all over again. I miss the days of gathering in the football court during every recess, the excitement of traveling abroad on school trips, and even just saying hello to the wonderful staff in the cafeteria. I miss them all. To my juniors who still have the opportunity to be a student in HCIS, please cherish your time there. Sometimes life gives us plenty of reasons to be upset but you should remember to cherish the little good moments you have as a teenager. Enjoy your time at HCIS to the fullest!