Principal’s Welcome

Welcome back to school and to the new students who have just joined us this year, a very warm welcome to Hwa Chong International School (HCIS)!

We are only into second week of the new school year and it has been nothing short of thrills and excitement so far! We ushered in 2022 with exhilarating news; HCIS celebrates another ground breaking success in the November 2021 IB examinations. Overcoming the many odds posed by the pandemic, the school has maintained its drive to deliver quality outcomes in student learning, achieving its best ever IB results since the school was established.

This year, we are delighted to report a perfect IBDP pass rate of 100%, with the average score reaching a new high of 39.8 points. An impressive 70.8% of the cohort scored at least 38 points and a spectacular 55% achieved 40 points and above. The stellar results are especially commendable given that the students had faced two very challenging years filled with uncertainty and disruption amid the COVID-19 pandemic since the start of their IB journey.

Principal's Welcome

We are heartened to see how our students have excelled through their commitment, fortitude and hard work, coupled with the unceasing support of our dedicated group of teachers and had gone on to do the school and their parents proud. Each student’s growth, progress and success is the result of concerted efforts and support of the entire school community, including parents and the Board. Through the range of programmes and activities offered, students’ passion and strengths are nurtured. HCIS’ core strength of value-add to student learning and personal development, to help students realize their true potential is best reflected in its educational philosophy of “Education for All, According to Each”.

Our mission statement reflects our commitment to produce learners who are ready for life: Building Capability and Developing Character in Students to Become Independent, Innovative and International-Minded Learners of Tomorrow. The HCIS education equips students with the essential skills to take on challenges of uncertain times. The exposure to global contexts and opportunities to collaborate strive to make the learning process a positive and rewarding experience while also encouraging the learners to be inquisitive in their various pursuits of excellence. 

Students have a lot to look forward to in 2022. For a start, all classrooms in the Annex Building had undergone extensive refurbishment during the year-end holidays to be IT-enabled. This is part of the school’s IT Masterplan. Moreover, new facilities such as the swimming pool and sports complex are due to be completed in the second quarter of this year and new CCAs are introduced. All these additions provide opportunities for students to learn and hone new skills. Sharing the same distinguished and rich heritage of Hwa Chong, we will continue to promote the learning of the Chinese language and appreciation of Asian and Chinese values and traditions through the curriculum and regular workshops organised to engage both students and parents. We will continue to build on the traditions of the past and meet the challenges of the future in innovative and appealing ways and in a positive and nurturing environment.

I am confident that with a collaborative culture of continuous improvement with sustainable performance that is aligned to the school motto 自强不息 and the unwavering support of all stakeholders, our students will have enriching and fruitful learning experiences in this new academic year.

With this, I wish you a fulfilling school year ahead.

Linda Lee