Principal’s Welcome

Happy New Year and a warm welcome to Hwa Chong International School (HCIS)!

As we begin a new school year, I would like to share a good news. We are incredibly proud that HCIS has once again achieved stellar performance in the recent November 2022 IB examinations. This year, we are extremely delighted to report an IBDP average score of 38.8 points. An impressive 68.7% of the graduating cohort scored 38 points or more, with a remarkable 51.7% of them achieving 40 points and above. 17 students attained a score of at least 44 points, yet another commendable feat achieved by the cohort. These excellent results will see our students progressing to prestigious and top-tiered universities around the world.

HCIS’ consistent strength in helping students stretch themselves to realize their true potential is once again exhibited in the outstanding academic performance. We always strive to value-add to students’ learning and holistic development; every student has the opportunity to explore their passions while honing their unique competencies, and this is best exemplified in our educational philosophy of “Education for All, According to Each”.

While we celebrate the remarkable results of our graduating cohort, HCIS continues to look forward to reaching higher goals as it gathers momentum to be a leading IB World School that offers uniquely global and Asian perspectives, with a mission to build capability and develop character in our students to become independent, innovative and international-minded learners of tomorrow.

Principal's Welcome

Since the last academic year, lots of activities have been happening on the school campus in preparation for this new school term, in a bid to further enhance students’ school experience. More classrooms and consultation rooms are added at the Main Building, the swimming pool and gym are completed and ready for use this term. A new learning management system will be launched in Term 1 to better facilitate independent learning. Students can look forward to the completion of the Annex expansion project at the end of Semester 1, when they can then enjoy many new amenities such as the Black Box Theatre, a 2-storey library, a media hub etc.

Sharing the same distinguished and rich heritage of Hwa Chong, we will continue to promote the learning of the Chinese language and appreciation of Asian and Chinese values and traditions through formal lessons in the curriculum and regular workshops organised to engage both students and parents. We will continue to build on the traditions of the past and meet the challenges of the future in a caring and nurturing environment.

We look forward to a close partnership with all stakeholders and I am confident that with the steadfast commitment to value-add and drive for the continual pursuit of excellence 自强不息, we can scale greater heights to achieve sustainable performance year on year. Our students will have enriching and fruitful learning experiences in HCIS.

With this, I wish you a blessed 2023 ahead.

Linda Lee