The Residence Meeting of the Academic Year 2024 filled with informative sessions, marked the beginning of a journey towards personal growth of the boarders.

HCIS Residence identified stress among boarders. They implemented wellness programs, and emphasized mentorship to address academic and living challenges, providing counseling services and encouraging boarders to seek assistance for various concerns.

HCIS Residence organized English Enrichment Program to boost boarders' confidence in using English by providing engaging activities and lessons in reading, speaking, and writing.

The Leadership Training of the 13th Boarding Council is shaping skilled leaders, promoting unity and refining leadership.

The Indoor Sports Hall was transformed into a captivating world of mystery and excitement as boarders, residence mentors, and esteemed guests came together for an unforgettable Mid-Year Festival: Halloween in July.

What other activities are planned for our boarders during the holidays after exams? Spending some time in nature definitely sounds good for the soul!

Memorable May Moments

Find out more about some of the post exam activities our 13th Boarding Council, together with the Residence Mentors, arranged for our boarders!

Each councillor brings their unique perspective and background to the table, resulting in a diverse and vibrant boarding student body that's full of energy and creativity.

Mid-Year Exams (MYE) are just around the corner! Our Residence Mentors prepared Care Packages for our boarders to encourage, motivate and spread positivity amongst them during this exam season.

Lifeline Singapore was introduced to HCIS Residence in April 2022 by the Korean Association in Singapore. It is a non-profit organisation committed to providing counseling and support to assist Koreans residing in Singapore, and they have been regularly organising activities for our Korean boarders. The theme of their latest event with us was on how to deal with stress.