Jumpstarting the New Academic Year with a Residence Meeting

The first Residence Meeting for the Academic Year 2024 was held on 11 January and was well attended by the boarders. It was a comprehensive and informative meeting, starting with a warm welcome from the Head of Boarding, Mr. Andrew Tee. He specifically welcomed the new boarders and encouraged all boarders to approach their Residence Mentors for assistance.

Following the welcome, important announcements and reminders were made. Ms. Grace Seguban highlighted the boarding policies, while Mr. Andy Kwoi presented emergency protocols. It was followed by a talk on scam alerts  made by Mr. Kok Wee Chur. The Boarding Management hopes that the boarders will keep in mind the important points discussed to ensure their safety and have a meaningful stay in the Residence. 

Another highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the boarding council activities by Ms. Ng Lih Miin. As the mentor-in-charge of the boarding council, she encouraged boarders to join the 14th Boarding Council and support their activities. Outgoing members of the 13th Boarding Council were also recognized with the Certificates of Appreciation, as a way of thanking them for organizing successful activities last academic year. 

As a concluding activity, Ms. Arlaine Marcelino gave a brief talk on Embracing Changes, emphasizing the inevitability of change for this academic year and its potential impact on boarders. Healthy and practical tips on adapting these changes were given. The meeting ended with the boarders having a hopeful and positive disposition. They were asked to write down their growth goals for the year. Their responses were flashed on the screen with a background of plants/garden, reminding everyone to work together in taking care of their Growth Garden.