Introducing Cluster Bash 2024: The Ultimate Battle for Glory! 🏆

Get ready for the most exciting and competitive event of the year – Cluster Bash! Our upgraded Cluster Bash is here to bring out the best in everyone, fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, and a healthy dose of competition. It’s like the house system in Harry Potter, but with our own unique twist. Let’s dive into the details!

Meet the Clusters
  • Cluster of Leadership (Male): This cluster embodies the spirit of guidance and strength, always leading by example and setting high standards for others to follow. Members of the Leadership Cluster are known for their resilience, strategic thinking, and unwavering dedication to their goals.
  • Cluster of Growth (Female): Representing the essence of personal and collective development, this cluster thrives on nurturing potential and fostering continuous improvement. Members are celebrated for their adaptability, perseverance, and commitment to learning and evolving.
  • Cluster of Integrity (Female): Upholding the highest moral standards, the Integrity Cluster is characterized by honesty, accountability, and ethical behaviour. Members of this cluster are trusted and respected, consistently acting with sincerity and fairness in all their endeavours.
  • Cluster of Respect (Male): With a foundation built on mutual regard and appreciation, the Respect Cluster emphasizes the importance of valuing others and fostering a positive community. Members are known for their empathy, kindness, and ability to build strong, supportive relationships.

Each cluster is a vibrant community within our boarding residence, embodying distinct values and strengths. This year, the battle for supremacy among these clusters is more intense and exciting than ever!

Last Year’s Success 🌟

Last year’s Cluster Bash was a phenomenal success, comprising two days of various sports games and matches. Representatives from each cluster competed fiercely for gold medals, showcasing their talents and dedication. The turnout was amazing, with high levels of participation and enthusiastic support from fellow boarders. The energy, enthusiasm, and camaraderie were truly inspiring, creating an atmosphere of unity and friendly competition. Everyone had an unforgettable time, forging new friendships and strengthening existing bonds through shared experiences and collective efforts.


This Year’s Upgraded Cluster Bash 🚀

This year, we’re taking Cluster Bash to another level! Instead of a two-day event, we’re spreading the excitement across Term 3 and Term 4 with a series of sports games and matches organized by the Boarding Council. Here’s how it works:

  • Sports Competitions: Throughout the terms, various sports games and matches will be held. Each victory will earn points for your respective cluster. Participating in these matches is an honour for your cluster, showcasing your skills and contributing to your cluster’s success. Whether it’s badminton, basketball, archery tag, or other exciting challenges, every event provides an opportunity to demonstrate teamwork, strategic thinking, and athletic prowess. It truly takes a village to win, and every member’s effort counts, reinforcing the importance of collective contribution and support.
  • Merit Points: It’s not just about sports! Clusters can also earn merit points for non-sporting achievements such as:
    Highest Residence Meeting Attendance: Clusters with the best attendance at residence meetings will be rewarded. This encourages active participation and engagement within the boarding community, highlighting the value of involvement and commitment.
    Highest Cleanliness Score: Keeping our living spaces clean and tidy will also earn valuable points. This promotes a sense of responsibility and pride in maintaining a healthy and pleasant living environment, reflecting the cluster’s collective effort and discipline.
 The Grand Prize 🏆

At the end of the year, the cluster with the highest overall score will be crowned the champion and will hold the grand golden trophy! This prestigious award symbolizes excellence, teamwork, and the spirit of our boarding community. The trophy is more than just a prize; it represents the culmination of hard work, dedication, and the collaborative spirit that defines our clusters. Holding the trophy is a testament to the collective achievements and shared victories of the winning cluster, a source of pride and inspiration for all its members.


Get Involved!

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just looking to support your cluster, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Cheer on your teammates, participate in events, and contribute to your cluster’s success. Every point counts, and together we can achieve greatness! Your participation and enthusiasm not only contribute to your cluster’s score but also help build a stronger, more vibrant community. The spirit of Cluster Bash extends beyond competition; it’s about coming together, celebrating each other’s strengths, and creating lasting memories.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to give it your all in the ultimate battle for glory. Let’s make this year’s Cluster Bash the most memorable one yet! Together, we can turn every challenge into an opportunity for growth, every match into a celebration of our values, and every victory into a shared triumph.