Student Leadership Programme

In HCIS, we believe all students can be leaders and that leadership stems from a set of behaviours that can be learned and developed over time. HCIS Student Leadership Programme is planned with the purpose of helping students develop their leadership qualities and guide them towards being leaders in a systematic way. Students aspiring to be leaders can apply for a place in one of the four Student Leadership Councils: Student Council, Boarding Council, House Council and Class Council.
The Student Leadership Councils serve as a bridge between the teachers and the student body. Within each Council, student leaders work together to unearth issues, discover solutions and are empowered to share their perspectives with the School Management facilitated by the respective teachers-in-charge. In most instances, these concerns are intertwined and complex. As shared by the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”; student leaders are challenged to engage and synergise with the various Councils and even the staff, to propose an encompassing way forward to leave a lasting legacy of the students, by the students and for the students.

The Student Council is a student-led organisation made up of student leaders who strive to exhibit qualities of responsibility, proactiveness, independence, respect, integrity, commitment, discipline, enthusiasm and perseverance. These student councillors are nominated and then elected to their posts. The Student Council is divided into three distinct committees – the Special Projects (SP), the Public Relations (PR) and the Student Welfare (SW).

As potential leaders of tomorrow, the Student Council strongly believes in serving with dedication and commitment to ensure the well-being of the school community. The responsibilities of the Student Council include representing the opinions of the student body, facilitating communication between the school management and the student body, generating ideas and solutions beneficial to the school and the student body, listening to suggestions and attempting to resolve issues from the student body.

The Student Council also plays a pivotal role in organising and facilitating key school events. Some of the school events organized and facilitated by the Student Council are the Combined Leadership Camp and Investiture, Teacher’s Day and the annual Year 1 School Camp.

HCIS Boarding Council is a Board committee elected by the boarding community. Council members work together with the Residential Teaching Assistants to hold skill-based enrichment workshops which improve boarders’ life skills. In addition, they organise recreational activities such as sports, social gatherings and performances which enhance boarders’ boarding life with some fun and excitement throughout the year. Through this process, council members’ personal development skills such as leadership, teamwork, planning, decision-making, and interpersonal communication are consistently developed.

Since the introduction of House System in 2016, the school continues to see an increase in the impact of the House Council on student life, with the activities they organise like Quiz Up, Enterprise Challenge, House-Initiated Competitions, the House Olympics and Innofest, which is the school’s biggest performance event. The executive committee members are made up of student representatives from Years 1 to 4 led by House Captains and Vice Captains.

The Class Council, led by the Class Chairman and Vice-Chairman, works towards creating a positive and conducive learning environment for their fellow classmates. They are elected by their fellow classmates and endorsed by their form teachers. Among their other duties, the Council plays a key role in leading the class in organising activities for home visits and preparing goody bags for the less privileged, the disabled and senior citizens. As student leaders, they also contribute to the success of school celebrations.