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Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) is the heart of the IBDP and is one of the core components of IB and Hwa Chong International School. CAS is a scheme of experiential learning which involves students in a range of activities that enriches your school experience. All activities related to CAS will be known as CAS experience which must have a definite goal and fulfil at least one or more strands of C, A and/or S.

This website will feature both JCAS and IB CAS where students and parents can find all the necessary information and updates:
This website will feature both JCAS and IB CAS where students and parents can find all the necessary information and updates: creativity-activity-service
HCIS runs a 3-year Service Learning Programme as part of the Junior Creativity, Activity and Service (JCAS) programme in the Middle Years. Students are progressively exposed to a range of themes relevant to Singapore’s society as well as to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The 4 key Service Learning stages of “Preparation”, “Action”, “Reflection” and “Celebration” are used to develop self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management skills in the students.
As students transit from the Middle Years to the Senior Years at the Pre-IB (i.e. Year 4) level, they are exposed to the “Service” strand of IB CAS in the form of the planning and executing a service learning project as a class with an organisation of their own choosing in a specified area of needs in the community.
At the IB level, as part of the fulfilment of the IB CAS requirement, students will then embark on two CAS projects, one of which focuses on the international community and takes the form of a cohort-wide overseas community service trip (or also known as the CAS Trip), while the other focuses on the local community.
The Service Learning Programme in the Middle Years and the Pre-IB year, as well as the IB CAS project for the local community, will culminate in the annual signature HCIS Gives Back Day where staff and students step out of school to serve the community as a way to celebrate National Day.
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IB1 CAS Trip

Feedback from Students and Parents

Annika ChuangIB1R
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This CAS trip was extremely memorable and fulfilling, it was far beyond my expectations. I enjoyed the 6 days I spent with my classmates and got to know many of them more which sparked a few new friendships. I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone through activities like snorkeling and hiking a volcano. Volunteering days were equally fun and meaningful, so I really enjoyed them. Overall, this was a very eye-opening experience!
Jaine TengIB1K
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This trip has definitely been a life changing experience for me, as I was able to understand the Balianese culture even better and create priceless memories with my classmates. The most meaningful part of the trip was volunteering my time to children with special needs. This is a trip that will be held close to my heart for life!
Daniel LimIB1R
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I am immensely grateful for the 2023 CAS trip to Bali. Not only did it present me the opportunity to learn more about the local Balinese community and interact with the local children there, it also strengthened my friendships with my classmates. Spending time accompanying the children with special needs at the school was also an enriching and enjoyable experience. I am truly appreciative of this opportunity!
Daniel's MotherDaniel Lim, IB1R
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My son learned to plan, work with his classmates and had so much fun during the CAS trip. The experience of interacting with children of a different culture is eye opening and has taught him to embrace differences. He has gotten to know some of his classmates better and has had a fair share of laughter while serving the local community.
Chua Jo AnnIB1K
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This CAS trip to Bali has left me with a lot of memories and novel experiences with my classmates. From interacting with the locals to appreciating the rich balinese culture, it was a very fulfilling and enjoyable once in a lifetime experience!
Jo Ann's MotherChua Jo Ann, IB1K
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This CAS trip has provided my child with the opportunities to understand the different cultures of people from other countries. Despite going beyond her comfort zone, she enjoyed her trip very much as she has widened her perspectives and became more appreciative of Singapore. She also developed stronger bonds with her friends and made many new friends during this trip.
Jonas LowIB1K
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The trip was a beautiful confluence of earnest service, gratifying activities and a deepening of friendships. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to go to Bali, as it has allowed me to appreciate its quaint culture and take an introspective dive into what I can do for my local community.
Eung Meyjing IB1R
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The 6 days CAS trip to Bali gave me an incredible experience to hike through the beautiful landscapes of Bali and explore the underwater world while snorkeling. But the most impactful part of the trip was volunteering with special needs kids and orphans. It was an eye opening experience that allowed me to empathise and learn more about the livelihood of these wonderful kids. It was very memorable and enriching for all of us.
Giona PerIB1M
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CAS trip was a fun and exciting bonding experience with my class! I learned more about mangroves and stepping out of my comfort zone.
Marvin Lim IB1M
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CAS trip was meaningful because it gave me a chance to give back to society through costal conservation efforts and I had fun at the same time.