Resilience Camps (Y1-Y2)

The Resilience Camp marks an important milestone in the holistic development of Year 1 and Year 2 students. Year 1 students typically attend a 3-day overnight camp in Singapore while Year 2 students attend a 4 to 5-day camp overseas in neighbouring countries. The objective of the camp is to develop the campers’ resilience, independence and teamwork through the intensive and carefully designed adventure programmes-

Click below to watch a short clip to find out more on what the camp entails!

Clyde and Sharon LeeParents of Cayden Lee, Class 2C
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I would like to drop a personal note to thank Mr Richard John, Mr Yong and the team for the amazing efforts and creating wonderful memories for my son, Cayden Lee and his Class 2C. This is a milestone for Cayden and I’m sure it is for many children as well. 1) first time away from home 2) longest time without social media 3) real bonding with the nature, friends and teachers He had so much to share about the camp. In fact, we have observed that he has become more resilient and responsive. Thank you so much once again!
Seth's MotherLiaw Seth Yu. Class 2I
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Thank you, Mr John and Mr Yong for organising the successful camp which created memorable experiences for Seth.
CoraMother of Jerry and Charlotte Lee, Class 2M / 2P
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Thank you (Mr John and Mr Yong), and all the teachers and instructors for organising and accompanying the students to the resilience camp. Although I see the smiling faces of the teachers in the pictures in the blog, I can imagine how exhausted they are to go through all the activities with the students in such a warm and humid environment. Jerry and Charlotte have been talking about the camp since they camp back. They enjoyed it so much except the ...leeches. I am so glad they have achieved a few milestones, like first time going overseas without the parents, packing the bags themselves, go trekking for several hours, etc. Last but not least, please continue with your 'no handphone policy' for their future camps. That's the only way the students can participate in the camp and socialise with the people around them. Your blogs are great enough to keep us updated where they are. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading it every day.

Year 1 Resilience Camp 2024

Year 2 Resilience Camp 2024