Boarding Events & Activities

HCIS Residence promotes a culture of camaraderie, unity and friendship among boarders of different cultural backgrounds. Activities and events in the boarding becomes a platform for boarders to showcase their abilities and talents and a path for them to discover and explore their other potentials.

Language Support Programme

The Residence aims to support boarders in improving their language efficiency by holding weekly enrichment and conversational programmes in English and Chinese. Through this programme, boarders involved are able to explore different methods of learning the language by having different activities and hands-on practice outside the classroom.

Orientation Programme

Led by the Boarding Council Team, this event helps new boarders meet new friends in the residence, introduce them to boarding life and to prepare them for a fruitful and happy life as a student of HCIS.

Enrichment Programme

HCIS Residence also helps to promote social responsibility among boarders. Events may include learning different hobbies such as soap making, batik printing, cake decorating, etc. There are also activities where boarders are given opportunities to learn outside the classroom through different community services, such as clean-up drives, recycling activities, the residence helps raise awareness among boarders to become socially responsible citizens of the world.

Boarding Council

The Boarding Council is composed of boarders who are duly elected by their fellow boarders to become the student government in HCIS Residence. The Council works together with the Residence Mentors to provide a meaningful and joyful boarding life for boarders.
In joining the Boarding Council, boarders are given the chance to develop their leadership skills, decision-making ability, flexibility and help improve their social interaction skills. This also becomes a platform for them to showcase their creativity through various programs.