2023 IB Results

Excellence Unleashed: HCIS Students Shine in IB Achievements

Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) takes great pride in unveiling the commendable achievements of its largest ever cohort of graduating students in the November 2023 International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) examination. This announcement signifies yet another year of exceptional academic accomplishments for the school.

With the IB world returning to pre-pandemic academic assessment levels, HCIS students have performed well, delivering quality results with a perfect IBDP pass rate of 100% and an impressive average score of 37.9 points. A noteworthy 57% of the graduating cohort attained at least 38 points or higher, with 39.2% achieving a score of 40 points and above and as many as 12 students excelled with 44 points. Such remarkable attainments strongly position these students to qualify for admissions into renowned and top-tiered universities around the world.

These accomplishments underscore the resilience and tenacity demonstrated by our students. The IB learning journey is rigorous, and their success is a testament to their diligent effort, firm perseverance to academic excellence and adaptability to overcome challenges. This success is not only a personal triumph but also the results of collective effort of their family members, and our very dedicated team of teaching staff. We extend our gratitude to all parents and guardians who have stood by their children and wards throughout, for their steadfast support to the school over the years. The hard work and time invested by all stakeholders have truly paid off, and we are excited about the future endeavors of our accomplished graduates.

HCIS’ core strength in empowering students to realize their true potential irrespective of their initial academic standing is once again evident in the outstanding results. HCIS prides itself on its value-add to student learning and holistic development, providing every student with opportunities to explore their passions, hone their leadership skills and refine their individual competencies. This fervent commitment speaks of our educational philosophy “Education for All, According to Each”.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to every student of the 2023 IB graduating cohort for their excellent results. HCIS will always continue to strive to be a leading IB World School offering a uniquely global and Asian perspective, with a mission to nurture capability and character in students to become independent, innovative and international-minded learners ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.