Introducing the 14th Boarding Council: A New Chapter Begins

We are thrilled to announce the formation of the 14th Boarding Council, a dynamic team dedicated to enhancing the residential experience for all our boarders. This new council brings together a group of passionate and committed individuals, each ready to contribute their unique skills and perspectives to strengthen our community even further.

Election Highlights

This year’s President and Vice President were elected through a highly engaging voting campaign in our residence. We are proud to share that more than 80% of our boarders participated in this democratic process, reflecting the vibrant and active involvement of our community.

Meet the Leaders

President: Joyceline

Elected as President of the 14th Boarding Council, Joyceline brings a wealth of experience and a vision for a more inclusive and engaging boarding environment. Joyceline has already taken proactive steps to connect with the community by joining the Middle Years Assembly program, where she answered questions from fellow students and shared her goals for the council.

Vice President: Shi Yumeng

Our Vice President, Yumeng, is known for exceptional organizational skills and creative problem-solving abilities. She works closely with Joyceline to ensure smooth operations and effective communication within the council and the broader community.

New Initiatives

This year marks the introduction of a new Public Relations (PR) team to the Boarding Council. The PR team has already launched an Instagram account to broaden our outreach and keep fellow residents informed and engaged with council activities and events. 


Follow us at @hcisboardingcouncil to stay updated!

Boarding Councillors participated in the #HCISExperience Open House!
Our Goals

The 14th Boarding Council is committed to reaching out to more boarders, promoting engagement, and fostering a vibrant boarding life. Our initiative aims to create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and valued. We are excited about the upcoming year and the positive changes we can achieve together.


Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved. Together, we can make this a memorable and enriching year for all boarders!