Promoting Wellness in HCIS Residence

At the beginning of the Academic Year 2023, the Residence Halls conducted a Mental Wellness Survey, revealing that boarders are experiencing stress in adhering to academic deadlines and adapting to independent living away from home. They desire to establish good relationships with their family members, friends, and roommates.

Recognizing this result, HCIS Residence acknowledges the need to prioritize the well-being of its boarders. For the current academic year, the Residence has implemented wellness programs and activities specifically designed to address the mental health needs of the boarders. Ms Arlaine Marcelino, one of our Residence Mentors, also serves as our counsellor in the Residence. She believes that the Residence can offer several critical support systems such as emotional and social support through mentorship and counselling services. 

During the Residence Meeting held on 24 August, Ms Arlaine delivered a talk on “Coping with Stress”. The boarders listened attentively, expressing enthusiasm as they related to the topic. They also actively participated in answering the interactive self-check-in questions. Their responses revealed that many of them are grappling with stress related to academic requirements, decision-making about their future, and handling relationships. The session ended on a positive note when the counsellor introduced practical and healthy tips on how they can deal with stress.

Boarders are encouraged to approach their respective mentors or the counsellor whenever they need assistance. Mentors engage boarders in dialogues to understand their well-being. Those facing pressing concerns, such as difficulties adjusting to boarding life, academic struggles, involvement in disciplinary cases, or consistent lateness or absenteeism, are referred to the counsellor. The Residence Counsellor closely coordinates with the School Counsellors to ensure follow-up counselling sessions and appropriate assistance are provided to the boarders.