Boarding Excursion with Care Ambassadors

The Care Ambassadors felt that our boarders deserved a good break after the mid-year exams, and thus organised a boarding excursion for them!

Care Ambassadors are also known as Peer Support Leaders and serve as “emotional first aiders”. On top of providing additional support to students, they also assist the school in implementing the Care Corner and Wellness Week activities among many other school programmes.

Earlier this month on the 13th of May, our boarders woke up (early!) and were all geared up, ready and excited for the adventure ahead. They trekked for 5km from Upper Peirce to Lower Peirce Reservoir, and even learned about the water catchment area in Singapore in the process. It was a great opportunity to commune with nature as they explored the lush greenery and serene waterways. They were in awe of the picturesque beauty of nature.
As a simple treat, they had breakfast in a renowned roti prata shop near the area and bonded over good food and company. They indulged their taste buds with mouthwatering Indian food such as prata, murtabak and dosa matched with coffee and milk tea.

Our boarders went back to the Residence with a happy heart and tummy. It was indeed a therapeutic wellness activity for everyone. They were all grateful to Care Ambassadors for organising such activity.