Fostering Excellence in Leadership through Unity and Vision

The Leadership Training of the 13th Boarding Council on August 18, 2023, marked a significant stride toward nurturing proficient leaders within our community. This impactful event, masterminded and executed by the three principal members (Li Yuehan, Hong Yi, Zhao Keming) of the 13th Boarding, not only facilitated interaction among council members but also delved deeply into essential leadership values. Through a curated series of engaging activities and insightful discussions, the training aimed to foster unity while refining participants’ leadership acumen, setting a resolute tone for a year of accomplishment.

The day was inaugurated with a series of icebreaker games, ingeniously crafted to dismantle initial barriers and acquaint council members on a personal level. This initiative fostered an environment conducive to learning and collaboration throughout the day.

Central to the training’s objectives was the exploration of five pivotal leadership values: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. Each of these values was paired with different activities to impart council members with a holistic grasp of leadership principles.

The Leadership Training as a whole bestowed an enriching and enlightening experience upon all participants. By seamlessly integrating a blend of interactive activities and thought-provoking discussions, the training adeptly equipped council members with the requisite tools to internalise leadership values, collaborate seamlessly, and map a trajectory toward a triumphant and united year ahead.

The pinnacle of the training arrived with the presentation of certificates of completion to all boarding councillors who triumphantly concluded the leadership training. These certificates, extending beyond mere recognition, affirmed their unwavering commitment to personal growth and their prowess in effectively guiding their peers.

As council members reprise their roles, they carry with them the invaluable insights, newfound connections, and heightened motivation gleaned from the training. This collective experience ensures an unwaveringly cohesive and visionary approach to their responsibilities. The event itself stands as a tangible testament to the profound influence of unity, vision, and continuous personal development in the pursuit of exemplary leadership.