Demo Table

The daily routine for boarders is planned with the purpose of nurturing good habits and discipline. The routine creates opportunities for Residence Mentors to engage boarders in meaningful activities and immerse them in an environment where they can thrive and mature.
School Days Weekends and Holidays
6:30 am Breakfast 6:30 am Breakfast
8:00 am School Time 11:30 am Lunch
3:45 pm After-School Activities 1:30 pm Free Time / Self-study
5:30 pm Dinner 5:30 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Study Time 7:30 pm Personal Time/ Self-study
10:30 pm Roll call 10:30 pm Roll Call
11:00 pm Lights Off 11:00 pm Lights Off

Meals & Laundry

Breakfast and dinner are provided during weekdays of school terms. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided during school vacations, public holidays, and on weekends. 

Security & Safety

Female and male boarders reside on different levels while HCIS Residence adopts several security measures to ensure a safe environment.
A security card system is in place in the building and will grant limited access to boarders and staff. The boarding gates and cluster doors also adhere to timed access for stricter control and management of entrances and exits. CCTV surveillance cameras are installed at strategic locations and common areas to monitor, deter and record wilful intrusion of trespassers into the premises.
Emergency evacuation procedures for evacuating boarders and staff out of the buildings in the event of a fire or an emergency are in place. Annual briefings and fire/emergency drills are conducted and staff to familiarise themselves with these emergency procedures.

Medical Assistance

Boarders who are unwell will be monitored by the Residence Mentors. Residence Mentors will accompany the boarders to a clinic within the vicinity for medical consultation covered by boarders’ medical insurance.