Liu Kaiyi

LIU KAIYI, Class of 2020, Singapore

"Their dedication and selflessness have inspired me to do the same for my gymnasts as well. "

“My schooling years in HCIS have been nothing short of fulfilling, as I was blessed to have teachers who were always there to support me in every step of my IB journey. The valuable guidance from my teachers led me to finding an interest in humanities, which led me to choosing Liberal Arts for my university education. Aside from developing my academic passions, HCIS has been an instrumental pillar of support for my extracurricular, Rhythmic Gymnastics. Throughout my years in HCIS, my teachers encouraged me to lead a balanced school life, emphasising that my other talents matter just as much, or even more than my studies. Hence, I am privileged to have received a holistic, all-rounded education during my 6 years in HCIS.

My fondest memories would be the annual Internationalism Week held after the mid-year examinations. To me, it was a meaningful reward that exposed me to the world out there, and made me form precious memories with my friends.

Blessed with teachers who are constantly supporting me in my academic and extracurriculars, they went beyond in assisting me through my university applications. With their blessings and moral support, I was accepted into International Christian University (Tokyo), under the Global Citizenship Scholarship (Faculty of Liberal Arts). I am currently in my 2nd semester of my 1st year, and all the teachings I received from the classrooms of HCIS have been invaluable in my tertiary studies. The IB curriculum HCIS offers provided me with a smooth transition from high school to university.

Furthermore, the support I received in HCIS during my years as a gymnast motivated me to take up a part time job as a Rhythmic Gymnastics coach. I am currently accredited as a Fundamental Gymnastics Coach, teaching young gymnasts. As a coach, I have developed a greater appreciation and admiration for my teachers, who faithfully went the extra mile to ensure that we succeed and find passion in our pursuits. Their dedication and selflessness have inspired me to do the same for my gymnasts as well.

My journey in HCIS is one that I will cherish and be grateful for, as it molded me into the person I am today. I owe it to my teachers and supervisors who stood by me, especially during the last 2 arduous and demanding years of the IB. I am proud to have graduated from HCIS, a place that nurtured me at my own pace and aided me in finding my passions.

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