Ryan Chong Ming Guang

RYAN CHONG MING GUANG, Class of 2018, Singapore

“If you want to do something, make sure you give it your 120%. If you’re not ready to give it your 120%, don’t do it”.

Ryan graduated from HCIS IBDP in 2018. He was the IGCSE Top Performer in 2016 with 7 distinctions and also a recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Award in 2019. Ryan is currently studying Law at the National University of Singapore.

Hi there! My name is Ryan Chong and I graduated from HCIS in 2018. I am currently pursuing Law at the National University of Singapore. Prior to this, I served my National Service in the Singapore Police Force where I was appointed Anti-Scam Champion for the force and managed several national projects for the police.

Some notable projects I was involved in include leading collaborations with Mediacorp, Nas Daily Company, and Singapore Press Holdings to launch a nation-wide Anti-Scam Campaign. I was also featured several times on the news for my work, with the most notable being my role as one of the cast in Crimewatch 2020. I have since been appointed the Commanding Officer for the Police NS Media Team in the Golf Division.

I am ever grateful to my alma mater and my teachers for supporting me throughout and beyond my schooling years. I still keep in close contact with my teachers and our relationships have evolved into friendships which I treasure. Thanks to the unwavering support of the school and my teachers, I am able to help our community and make our society a better place. For my contributions to the Singapore Police Force, I was awarded the Best Staff Officer Award as well as the SPF Director’s Special Commendation for excellent work rendered in the course of my duties.

My time in HCIS also taught me to contribute to society beyond National Service and to help those in need. In my role as Secretary of the Joo Chiat Citizen’s Consultative Committee (Communications Workgroup), I listen to the concerns and feedback of Singaporeans and assist them to the best of my ability. In April 2020, during the Circuit Breaker in Singapore, I led a team of about 30 youth leaders to launch a programme called Makan Local Joo Chiat to assist hawkers in the area by providing them with intermediate financial assistance to sustain their operations.

After my stint with the Singapore Police Force, I went on to the Ministry of Law where I worked as a Policy Officer under the Strategic Planning and Policy Division. I was part of the team that introduced mandatory mediation for neighbourly disputes in Singapore, and created a one-stop legal portal with the Law Society’s pro bono services. I assisted in the submission of reports and recommendations to the Inter-Ministry Task Force overseeing the Neighbour Disputes Management Framework, as well as in the review of Singaporeans’ access to legal justice.

My time in HCIS has shaped me into the person I am today. I will never forget my Business teacher, Dr Neelanjali. To me, she is the Gordon Ramsay of Business Studies. She is strict but has her students’ best interests at heart. She has a high level of professionalism and I will never forget her message, “If you want to do something, make sure you give it your 120%. If you’re not ready to give it your 120%, don’t do it”. Beyond my studies, Dr Neelanjali was also concerned about my well-being. She always reminds me to be humble and to stay true to my fundamental beliefs. For that, I am forever grateful to her and the school.

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Ryan speaking to the audience during a briefing on the PNS Media Team. (Picture taken before the Covid-19 Pandemic)

Ryan was cast in Crimewatch on Singapore's national television (Photo courtesy of Mediacorp)