Boarding Activities

HCIS Residence promotes a culture of camaraderie, unity and friendship among boarders of different cultural backgrounds. Activities and events in the boarding residence become a platform for boarders to showcase their abilities and talents, and opens up a path for them to discover and explore their other potentials.

Boarding Activities

The HCIS Residence encourages boarders to be socially responsible. There is a Residence Afternoon Programme (RAP) that is helmed solely by the Residence Mentors for their boarders, and takes place on one afternoon a week during the school term. Events may include learning different hobbies such as baking, playing chess or simply bonding over a meal together. The boarders are also given opportunities to learn outside the classroom through different community services, such as clean-up drives and recycling activities.

During the holidays, some boarders choose to stay in Singapore and the Residence Mentors will organise activities for them as well – taking them for a short trek up Bukit Timah Hill, to go ice skating, or a trip to the Singapore Zoo. The Indoor Sports Hall will also be open for the students to participate in leisure sports like badminton or basketball.

There are also the annual HCIS Residence Basketball and Badminton competitions where the boarders engage in some friendly competition and play to win for their Boarding Cluster Houses.

Language Support Programme

The Residence aims to support boarders in improving their language efficiency by holding weekly enrichment and conversational programmes in English and Chinese. Through this programme, boarders involved are able to explore different methods of learning the language by having different activities and hands-on practice outside the classroom.

Boarding Council

The Boarding Council is composed of boarders who are duly elected by their fellow boarders to become the student leaders in the HCIS Residence. The boarders in the council have a chance to hone their leadership and organisation skills when they plan events like the Council Investiture or Teachers’ Day performances. The Council is also involved in the Orientation Programme for new boarders, inducting them into boarding life and making new friends, and works closely with the Residence Mentors to provide a meaningful and joyful boarding life for the boarders.