Chen Feifan, Class of 2019, People’s Republic of China

I am Chen Feifan, from the class of 2019 at HCIS. Currently, I am studying Economics in University College London (UCL). In my first year of undergraduate study, I joined the UCL Investment Society, participated in the Finance Conference as a delegate, successfully applied for and joined the Discovery EY programme, and accomplished the First Year Challenge, Venture Capital Externship and Investment Banking Virtual Internship.

Firstly, the IB course prepared me in the academic writing of essays, assignments and coursework. I am now able to write using analytical and critical perspectives, lay out empirical evidence in a readable way and structure articles for my target audience. Secondly, the tight schedule of the IB course taught me time management and multi-tasking skills. I also learnt how to cope with pressure and challenges. Thirdly, it provided me with opportunities of collaboration with others and this enhanced my teamwork skills.

The HCIS CCA programme gave me an opportunity to be one of the organisers of HCIS Gives Back. During this event, we invited more than 80 elderly from the local community to join our National Day celebration with our schoolmates. This developed my organisational, collaborative and planning skills, and boosted my CV. What is more, the wonderful CAS trip organised by HCIS broadened my horizon: I visited schools in rural areas, interacted with the local children and contributed by helping the local community to build fences. For CAS, I also participated in academic competitions, volunteering activities, and joined the Student Council. All of these taught me how to achieve a balance between study and meaningful co-curricular activities.

The Teachers’ Day celebration is one of the major events organised by the Student Council. I was in the special projects committee and hence was involved in event planning, stage design, decorations and rehearsals. I still remember the days when I worked with my committee members until late in the evening to ensure that the school’s Indoor Sports Hall and Multi-Purpose Hall décor were put up. After the successful event, members of the council took photographs to commemorate the occasion. I really felt a sense of achievement and the synergy achieved through our teamwork.