The Forbidden City is known by the world for its architectural beauty. What is the Fengshui philosophy behind the Forbidden City, on top of its magnificent architecture and profound cultural and historical background? Why did Emperor Yongle decide to move his palace to this specific location in Beijing? What Fengshui secrets lie behind such a grand layout and the colours that were chosen for its roof, walls and pillars?


Join us in our HCIS Chinese Cultural Workshop, as we visit the largest imperial palace in China and explore the Fengshui concepts that lie within. There will be a series of interesting activities related to traditional Chinese culture as well. All are welcome to join us! Please note that this workshop will be conducted in Chinese.


Date: 09 July 2022, Saturday

Time: 10:00 – 11:00AM

Address: 681 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269782
Venue: HCIS Main Building, Level 2 Seminar Room

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故宫之美,举世闻名,除了气势恢宏的建筑之美和底蕴深厚的文化之美,你还知道故宫蕴含的风水哲学吗?快来参加华中国际学校中文部举办的华族文化主题分享会吧! 本次活动内容将会从选址布局、配色寓意趣谈幻化其间的风水妙趣,同时现场还将设置丰富的文化活动,让每一位来宾都有机会获得自己的专属体验。我们诚邀所有家长、校友以及对华族文化感兴趣的朋友参加,本次活动会名额有限,欢迎大家踊跃报名! 入场免费。


日期: 2022年 07月09日 (星期六)

时间: 上午10:00-11:00

地址: 681 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269782
活动场地: HCIS Main Building, Level 2 Seminar Room