Events with Lifeline Singapore

In April 2022, Lifeline Singapore was introduced to the HCIS Residence by the Korean Association in Singapore. It is a non-profit organisation providing counselling and support to assist Koreans in adapting to life in Singapore. The members of Lifeline Singapore regularly arrange activities with our Korean boarders to develop camaraderie amongst them and enhance their well-being. The goals of the activities are to assist boarders in making more friends, managing their homesickness, and maintaining a positive outlook. 


The theme for this year’s activities is “How to Deal with Stress”. The participants were introduced to a lot of exciting and fun stress reduction activities such as healing aroma and music therapy, and they were also taught how to reframe their negative thoughts. The very first activity session this year was held on 23rd March. Because some of our boarders shared that they were feeling homesick, the volunteers prepared homemade Korean food for them to bring them closer to home. 

On 20th April, Lifeline Singapore arranged an aromatherapy session for our Korean students. They enjoyed preparing the essential oils and were very eager to learn how essential oils can benefit their mental health. As always, the Korean food prepared by the volunteers were a big hit. 


The feedback from our Korean boarders and their parents are consistently positive, and many of our students look forward to participating in the activities organised. As a sign of gratitude, some of the participants even wrote messages to the Lifeline volunteers thanking them for their time and for making them feel more at home.