Memorable May Moments

After the intense mid-year exams, the 13th Boarding Council organised two exciting events in May to provide the students with a well-deserved break!

On the 10th of May, they booked a cinema theatre for an exclusive screening of “Guardians of the Galaxy 3.” Approximately 60 boarders attended the event, seeking an escape into the intergalactic adventures of their favorite superheroes.

As the lights dimmed, excitement filled the theatre. The movie enchanted the audience with its captivating storyline, impressive visual effects, and well-timed humor. Laughter and applause echoed throughout as students revelled in the on-screen action. This shared experience not only rewarded the students for their hard work but also fostered a sense of unity among them.

Two weeks later, on the 24th of May, a lively BBQ gathering was organised to celebrate the end of exams and promote camaraderie. The event gave students a chance to unwind and indulge in delectable food and refreshing drinks. The organisers meticulously planned the menu, ensuring a tantalising array of grilled meats, mouthwatering sides, and thirst-quenching beverages. The aroma of barbecued delights filled the air and the students eagerly lined up to help themselves to the scrumptious food.

The atmosphere was abuzz with laughter and conversations as our students basked in the festive ambience and shared stories about their exam experiences and how they were planning to spend their upcoming holidays. As the echoes of laughter linger on, students eagerly anticipate future events the 13th Boarding Council will organise, and look forward to strengthening their bonds and creating more cherished memories.