Mid-year Exam Care Packages

Mid-year Exams (MYE) are just around the corner! Study areas are jam-packed with review materials piled up on study desks and post-it notes spread all over the room walls. It is indeed MYE season! The MYE for our Year 1 to IB1 students start on 27th April and will go on until 9th May.


We understand that preparing for an exam can be overwhelming and stressful.  To show our support, the Residence Mentors (RMs) prepared gifts of motivation, inspiration and positivity for boarders. The care package included snacks and a Pop It Toy, as well as a note of encouragement that was attached to the gift bag.


The RMs personally distributed the care packages to the boarders and were happy that the little gifts prepared brought a smile to their faces. We wish our students all the best for their exams and may the odds be ever in your favour!