The 13th Boarding Council

The 13th Boarding Council is made up of 19 dynamic and inspiring councillors who have been elected by staff and students alike. The formal investiture ceremony that was held on 12th April marks the start of their 1 year term in service.

These students were carefully selected based on their leadership skills, passion for service, and dedication to improving the student experience. As a matter of fact, the rigorous selection process for the Boarding Council takes about 2 months! Candidates are required to undergo a comprehensive interview process that assesses their leadership abilities and suitability for the role. Furthermore, to become president of the Boarding Council, the presidential candidates must participate in a presidential campaign that showcases their vision for the boarding community.

The Boarding Council emphasises on leadership development, and members are provided with training and mentorship opportunities that help them grow as leaders and build valuable skills that they can carry with them beyond their time at the institution.

With this purpose in mind, one of the key responsibilities of the Boarding Council is to serve as a liaison between the student body and the boarding management. They are expected to advocate for the boarders’ needs and work with the mentors to implement policies and initiatives that benefit the boarding community. On top of that, they also take responsibility of organising events that promote a strong sense of community and foster a positive environment for all boarding students. This includes events such as sports competitions, cultural festivals, and other social activities.

The freshly minted 13th Boarding Council is a group of exceptional student leaders committed to serving the student body and making a positive impact on the community. We are proud to have them as the leaders of our institution’s student body, and we look forward to seeing the great things they will accomplish in the year to come.